Chasing Unicorn: In Search of Fool’s Gold

Nicko Widjaja

Book Cover: Chasing Unicorn: In Search of Fool’s Gold
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  • Chasing Unicorn: In Search of Fool’s Gold
Editions:Hardcover (English) - Cetakan Pertama
ISBN: Dalam proses
Size: 14.00 x 21.00 cm
Pages: 232

In Search of Fool's Gold is a candid exploration of the intricate venture capital landscape in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

It's an insider's perspective that offers a unique and comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem's volatile nature. Nicko Widjaja, a seasoned professional in the startup investment realm, shares firsthand experiences, insights, and revelations about the challenges and opportunities that define this dynamic sector.

The narrative unfolds to depict the dramatic rise and fall of tech startups in the region, spotlighting their devolution from ‘unicorns’ to ‘centaurs’, exploring the multifaceted implications of this shift. Widjaja presents a thoughtful examination of the domino effect that both entrepreneurs and investors initiate within the industry.

In the pursuit of unicorns, the reader is confronted with harsh realities: the lack of transparency, sudden shifts in deal agreements, and market-specific hurdles. Yet, interwoven within these dramas, is a tale of potential and hope, underscoring the importance of good governance and strategy overhaul in fixing the industry for the better.

Chasing Unicorns: In Search of Fool's Gold captures the unpredictable terrain of Southeast Asian venture capital, demystifying the quest for unicorn investments and the realities that lie beneath the pursuit.

Publisher: Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia
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